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Radiant Hands

Mavala Spa Manicure £22.95
Experience a full manicure with a difference! Have all the usual manicure delights and pamper you arms, fingers and hands with the extras in our citrus aromatic spa collection. The exfoliation crystals remove dead and dry skin and the crystal activator melts all the crystals and turns the mixture a exceptionally smooth ,thick cream .Heated comforting mitts are applied to your hands to allow this cream to totally lock all the moisture in. Rinse off and massage the fresh, light, facial quality finishing lotion into your hands and arms……wonderful (45min)

Mavala Wax Manicure (Paraffin Wax) £22.95
Imagine a wonderful manicure nails filed and preened to perfection. Then we dip your massaged hands in warm paraffin wax and warm mitts .Peel it off and leave your hands deeply moisturised, soft and supple. Pure luxury!(1hr)

Mavala Manicure £14.95
Everyone needs a manicure if your nails are shabby or chic, beautiful nails are not born- they are cultivated!
Re- shape, cuticle care, massage and perfect polish makes your hands look groomed and tidy. (30min)

Mavala French Manicure £15.95
Natural, natural, natural, is the key word within a French polish. All the usual manicure procedures then the fun begins picking white for the tip and a pink for the base .We have lots of different shades and applications a French does not have to be boring just natural.(30min)

Repairs (fibreglass natural) nail £4.95
This is a tempory fix it when a split in your nail makes you say ….ouch! We try to save the natural nail long enough for it to grow to a more comfortable level.(15min)


Radiant Hands  
Mavala File and Polish £8.95
Mavala Manicure £14.95
Mavala Spa Manicure £22.95
Mavala French Manicure £15.95
Mavala Wax Manicure (Paraffin Wax) £22.95
Repairs(fibreglass)natural nail £ 4.95
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